Where Do You Snack?

Follow the Munch Code Vending colors
to make healthy food and drink choice
in vending and snack bar environments.

Green items meet or exceed the guidelines.*
They can be enjoyed often and provide
healthful portions of dairy, whole grains,
protein, fruits, and veggies.

Yellow items meet the guidelines* with the
exception of sodium and calories. Consume

Red items are the least healthy and fall
outside the guidelines.* Consume sparingly.

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Bar Munch Code!

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*Health and Sustainability Guidelines for Federal Concessions
and Vending Operations.

Healthy Concessions

Follow the Munch Code Concessions colors
to make the healthiest food and drink
choices in concession stand environments.

Green foods/beverages are the healthiest
options. “Eat a bunch!”

Yellow foods/beverages have added
sugar, fat, and calories. Eat “Just a little!” 

Red foods/beverages are the highest
in sugar, fat, and calories and the least
healthy. Eat some but “Not so much!”

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