Munch Code! Colors to live by.Concessions Kit Materials

The vending materials are available to businesses that apply for the Healthy Vending & Snack Bar Grant. The next grant opportunity will be released in May 2016.

Grant recipients will receive a basic vending kit which comes with one poster (informational signage #2), one machine topper (point of purchase signage #3), two side/hanging signs (point of purchase signage #4), one sticker packet (#5), and one toolkit (#6). Need more signs? View details, pricing & photos.

Free-standing Sign

The free-standing sign is not part of the
basic kit, but can be purchased additionally.
View pricing.

Poster Sign

Free-standing sign
& poster

Machine Topper Sign
Point of
Purchase Signage

Machine topper &
side/hanging sign

Side/Hanging Sign Stickers
Sticker Packet
Healthy Vending &
Snack Bar Toolkit